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Digital Marketing Youngstown, Ohio


Branding, Social & Search


Logo creation to set your business apart from the rest.

Paid Search

Make your business easier to find with search advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Grow your brand's presence on social media and direct traffic from social platform's to your website.


Reach back out to those who have visited your website or app.

Content Marketing

Creating media and content to gain and retain customers.

Media Planning

Determine when, where and how often your brand's message should be placed.

Web Analytics Youngstown Ohio

Our Marketing Process

Define Goals

We listen to you. We ask you questions. We learn what your goals are and what it will take to reach them. We study your brand, explore your industry and get to know your customers. We study your brand, explore your industry and get to know your customers. We uncover key insights that guide our thinking and yours, and lay the foundation for everything we do together.

Planning & Strategy

We research to learn how to empathize with your ideal user’s online habits. This information helps us create an overall strategic vision for your brand that will define the digital state of the brand along with its messaging and positioning in the marketplace. We outline key brand features and selling points, and messaging. At this point, we’re able to create a plan to bring this vision to life.


This is where it all comes together. Strategies are implemented and campaigns launched. For you, our client, this is the easy part. That’s the beautiful thing about our process. By the time the Execute phase begins, you’ve already made the tough decisions. You’ve seen the research and embraced the insights. You’ve approved the plan and shared in the vision.


Once the project is up and going, we measure, test and compare. We analyze. We figure out what’s working, and what could be working better. We track consumer behavior and get a better understanding of how customer data profiles can be utilized to create stronger, more relevant experiences.


We use the data and results to optimize and improve the final product. Continuous progress. Constant forward motion. We don’t want to just help you reach goals for sales, market share or ROI, we want to help you shatter them. Our goal is to help your brand take a powerful, dramatic LEAP forward.

Create something beautiful.

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