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Case Study

SenSource Inc.
Our Role:
Animation, Illustration, Video Production
Nov - Dec 2017
Animation / Video
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The Brief

SenSource makes equipment and software to count customers in retail locations, and wanted everybody to know what they do. But they wanted it explained in a way that anybody could understand.

SenSource decided that an animated video explaining their product would be the best way to illustrate their product in action. Then they turned to the animation specialists at Hyphen Pictures.

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The Result

SenSource's product may be complex, but after partnering with Hyphen Pictures they now have a clear, direct way to tell everyone all about it.

SenSource provided Hyphen Pictures with the basic idea, which we then turned into storyboards, concept art, and finally into a finished 2d animated video. Hyphen Pictures worked closely with SenSource through every step of the creative process to ensure that the vision of the video was carried out according to the original specifications.

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